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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dfgdfg?

Top definition. dfgdfg. One of the many products of repeatedly smashing the keys of a computer in boredom/frustration/stupidity. The cyber equivalent of a chipmunk screaming in anger.

What is the dfgf doing in South Africa?

DFGF held a meeting last July in Durban, South Africa, where stakeholders agreed on a series of measures to put this into practice. The DFGF has also put up US$50,000 for a micro-credit scheme that will help people start up small agricultural businesses.

What is dfgf (dimerized fibroblast growth factor)?

ViaCell Neuroscience's exclusive license includes rights to intellectual property covering dFGF and its use in treatment of all neurological disorders, including stroke. Dimerized fibroblast growth factor ( dFGF) is a novel combination of two subunits of FGF protein that have been linked together.

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