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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dfgdfg?

Top definition. dfgdfg. One of the many products of repeatedly smashing the keys of a computer in boredom/frustration/stupidity. The cyber equivalent of a chipmunk screaming in anger.

What is the color of dfdfdf?

● #dfdfdf color description : Very light gray. The hexadecimal color #dfdfdf has RGB values of R:223, G:223, B:223 and CMYK values of C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:0.13. Its decimal value is 14671839.

How to convert FDF to XFDF?

Try fdf2xfdf to convert FDF to XFDF. To convert XFDF to some other format, you might have luck with a free file converter, but chances are that it shouldn't really be in any other format than the one it's already in since it's only useful in the context of PDFs. Creating an XFDF or FDF file from a PDF is done with Acrobat.

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