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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GFG stand for?

GF Cyclosarin (Cyclohexyl methylphosphonofluoridate; nerve agent) GF Guard Forward (basketball) GF Gage Factor GF

What does GF's a- rating mean?

GF keeps top position in CDP ratings for third year. The "A-" rating reflects our commitment to climate action and to a high level of transparency around our environmental impact.

What does G/F stand for?

G/F. Acronym. Definition. G/F. Girl Friend. G/F. Gain/Feed Ratio (animal sciences) G/F. Ground Ball/Fly Ball Ratio (baseball; used for batters and pitchers)

How many songs does GF have?

GF currently has the most songs for a single character, being 11 (counting tutorial). beating Cye 's 9, and Shaggy 's and NDXL 's 7 songs. But if you count the extra songs in freeplay and the debug menu, then it adds up to 14 (Not counting Swop).

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