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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of development services?

Development Services is responsible for certifying requirements related to zoning and local ordinances and for processing a new or name change to a Certificate of Occupancy. You must be aware that there are locational requirements related to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Does San Antonio have an online permitting system?

Our legacy online permitting system ("Hansen") has been decommissioned for customer use as of 9/30/2021. For all online permitting needs, please use Accela Citizens Access portal. Thank You. City of San Antonio © Copyright 2015

What is it like to walk into a San Antonio government business?

Usually it's not a pleasant walking into any government business . Today we had to come the Developement services department (City of San Antonio).

How to build a house in San Antonio Texas?

Go To BuildSA The City requires you to work with a licensed and/or registered contractor to develop your project. Find licensed and/or registered contractors in the San Antonio area. Go To Contractor Search Access the formal fee schedule for each step and/or calculate a preliminary fee estimate for your plan using our fee estimator.

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