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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Denmark have a democracy?

Politics of Denmark. The politics of Denmark take place within the framework of a parliamentary representative democracy, a constitutional monarchy and a decentralised unitary state in which the monarch of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II, is head of state. Denmark is described as a nation state.

What are the problems in Denmark?

Air pollution, particularly over urban areas, continues to be a problem in Denmark. In addition to pollution from transportation and industrial sources, large amounts of particle air pollution are released from wood-burning stoves.

Is Denmark the happiest country?

Denmark is the world's happiest country while Burundi is the least happy, according to a new survey.

What is the major religion in Denmark?

The official religion in the country of Denmark is Evangelical Lutheran, as stated in Paragraph 4 of the Danish Constitution. There are also other religions recognized by the constitution. About 85 percent of the Danish population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran religion, while 3 percent are Roman Catholics, and less than 2 percent are Muslim.

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