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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find demons in demon fall?

NPC demons randomly spawn at night away from villages and Wisteria trees. Demons can also spawn in caverns. They have a higher spawn rate in caverns, since they are protected from the sun. Each demon will have a randomly generated appearance. Demon NPCs will automatically attack any nearby player or NPC slayers.

How to execute demons in demon fall?

Demonfall Controls List WASD – Movement W + W – Sprint Left Click – Light Attack/M1/Use Item Right Click – Heavy Attack/M2 R – Unsheathe/Sheathe Sword B – Execute

What does hashibira do in demon fall?

Able to attract demons, which can drop Demon Horns, and also give EXP when executed. If used smartly can be used as a genius way of fighting people that randomly battle you. Examples: infinite combo cancel, extra damage, distraction, basically ice minions but weaker.

How to carry people in demon fall?

Right Click:Heavy Attack/M2 Left Click:Light Attack/M1/Use Item R:Unsheathe/Sheathe Sword Q:Dash F:Defend M:Skill tree V:Carry

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