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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is forecasting KPI important?

This KPI is absolutely critical because the more accurate your forecasts, the more profit the company makes and the lower your operational costs. We choose a particular forecasting method because we think it will work reasonably well and generate promising forecasts but we must expect that there will be error in our forecasts.

What is forecast accuracy?

The forecast reliability or forecast accuracy is a key indicator in demand planning. If chosen correctly and measured properly, it will allow you to reduce your stock-outs, increase your service rate and reduce the cost of your Supply Chain. Learn in 5 steps how to master forecast accuracy formulas and implement the right KPI in your business.

Is demand forecasting easy?

Demand forecasts are inherently uncertain; that is why we call them forecasts rather than plans. In some circumstances demand forecasting is, however, easier than in others. Do you know when you can rely more heavily on forecasting and when, on the contrary, you need to set up your operations to have a higher tolerance for forecast errors? 3.

How to calculate KPI?

Then, the KPI is derived from the overall % error we just calculated. It doesn’t matter which formula is chosen. The accuracy KPI is simply calculated as 1 – % Total Error (MAE, RMSE etc.). For example, if your MAE is 20%, then you have a 20% error rate and 80% forecast accuracy.

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