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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for deforestation in Brazil?

Brazil rainforests belong to the most valuable area in the world, because they produce oxygen essential for the maintenance of life on Earth.Unfortunately, the humanity does not appreciate rainforests and cuts them down severely devastating vast territories of Brazil. The most widespread reasons for deforestation are logging, the necessity of creation territories for pastures and raising soya-beans.

Why is deforestation happening in Brazil?

Particularly in Brazil, mainly due to economic woes, deforestation has affected thousands of plant and animal species in the Amazon rainforest. Despite climate change efforts worldwide, deforestation in Brazil has worsened over the past two years after a consistent drop years prior.

What is Brazil doing about deforestation?

Brazil’s dramatic reduction in deforestation is the result of several different efforts. First, at both state and federal levels, the country greatly expanded its network of indigenous reserves and protected areas (including sustainable-use reserves), which now encompass more than half of Brazil’s Amazon forest.

What are the benefits of deforestation in Brazil?

Benefits of Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon are Temporary. The clear cutting of rainforests may yield a quick payoff for local villagers in the Brazilian Amazon, but in the end typically leaves the community just as poor as before, according a study in the journal Science.

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