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Frequently Asked Questions

Is deer and reindeer the same thing?

Well, deer is a family of animals comprising several different species. Reindeer are just one species within that wider family. Being from the same family means there are many striking similarities between reindeer and other deer species. That said, there are also some remarkable differences.

Do deer have instinct?

Deer have instincts that drive hunters crazy. They seem to know when to zig, when to zag, duck, or leap, thus keeping the deer hunter off balance. They also know when deer season opens.

Do deer always shed their antlers?

Do deer shed their antlers every year? Yes, they do. Since the levels of daylight and testosterone impact antler growth and shedding, most deers shed their antlers every year after the mating season has ended. Although some may shed their antlers in December, others don’t shed their antlers until March.

Does a deer eat corn?

Yes, deer love to eat corn and it is fairly inexpensive. Hunters looking for cheap deer feed often resort to corn. But, the most compelling reason to feed deer something other than corn is because the nutrient content of corn is not ideal for deer.

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