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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tips and tricks make a difference in Death Stranding?

For new Death Stranding players, tips and tricks learned before playing can be the difference between a successful delivery or a crater littering the early game's serene landscape.

What are the best ways to deliver items in Death Stranding?

No matter how far you are in Death Stranding, you'll need to be mindful of Sam's load. Learn some good habits early on with these tips to maximize your deliveries. Always place small cargo like ladders and climbing anchors on your arms and legs.

What is the Death Stranding guide?

The complete guide to Kojima Productions' open-world action game. IGN's Death Stranding Guide includes a complete walkthrough with step-by-step instructions for each main mission (Sam's Orders) with maps of the best path to take, as well as side quests, boss fights, and puzzles. But it has so much more!

How do you plan a trek in Death Stranding?

Planning your journeys is key in Death Stranding, and thankfully, the game gives you the tools to do that properly. When you’re setting out on a trek, simply pinning your marker on your destination isn’t enough. Use the game’s 3D map (hold down the touchpad and tilt the controller) to study the terrain.

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