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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Death Stranding have guns?

The answer is… sort of. Death Stranding does have guns and combat and some of the BTs – the enemies you face – can be dispatched with reasonable ease. However, Death Stranding is not an action game. If you run around as Norman Reedus thinking that nothing can stand up to you, you’re in for a disappointment.

Should I buy Death Stranding?

They are present in such a captivating way it’ll glue you to your screen asking “wtf just happened?” But in a good way. Overall I’d say you should buy it, but on a sale if this is your first time trying out a Hideo Kojima game. But if you’ve seen Kojima’s work before and like it, then Death Stranding is a must buy.

Is Death Stranding that bad?

There are plenty of hazards in the world of Death Stranding, and the aforementioned ghosts who kicked the whole mess off are some of the worst. Called BTs (for “beached things” ... because reasons), the ghosts make it incredibly dangerous to cross open plains, requiring stealth and constant awareness.

What is the plot for Death Stranding?

The Death Stranding began when the Beach, the world between the afterlife and the physical world of the living, became entangled with the living world. Immediately following the Death Stranding, whenever a human died their corpse would become a Beached Thing (BT) unless destroyed before it begins to necrotize.

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