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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect from 'Death Stranding'?

Throughout Death Stranding the player can find quite a few pieces of gear to make traversing the terrain easier. The most obvious of these are the Exo-Skeletons, which Sam can equip for different bonuses. There are three present in the game, and here we will be detailing their different perks and how to obtain all of them.

Should I buy Death Stranding?

They are present in such a captivating way it’ll glue you to your screen asking “wtf just happened?” But in a good way. Overall I’d say you should buy it, but on a sale if this is your first time trying out a Hideo Kojima game. But if you’ve seen Kojima’s work before and like it, then Death Stranding is a must buy.

Does Death Stranding have guns?

The answer is… sort of. Death Stranding does have guns and combat and some of the BTs – the enemies you face – can be dispatched with reasonable ease. However, Death Stranding is not an action game. If you run around as Norman Reedus thinking that nothing can stand up to you, you’re in for a disappointment.

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