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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Death Stranding worth playing?

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is definitely the best way to play Hideo Kojima’s weird but fantastic action-adventure video game because its technical improvements and gameplay upgrades make it a much more palatable experience from the word go.

Is Death Stranding actually a walking simulator?

The long and short of it is no, Death Stranding isn't actually a walking simulator. That's an extremely inaccurate descriptor. True, you do a lot of walking in the game – that's mostly all you do...

Is Death Stranding a PlayStation exclusive?

Death Stranding, the latest project from Kojima Productions, is not exclusive to PlayStation as it has a PC version. The release that is exclusive is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, game for PlayStation 5 that has more content and some improvements.

Does Death Stranding have multiplayer?

There's no direct co-operative or competitive multiplayer in Death Stranding, and though it's asymmetric and largely automatic, but well worth learning how it works to benefit both yourself and - in keeping with the themes of the game - other players.

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