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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Death Stranding game difficulty settings to choose?

Which Death Stranding Game Difficulty Settings to choose? There are four game difficulty levels in Death Stranding and they are – Very Easy, Easy, Normal and Hard. For those looking for less of a challenge and are more focused on enjoying the story – choose the Very Easy or Easy difficulty.

What is Death Stranding's Super Easy mode?

But Death Stranding 's Super Easy mode is part of a trend toward extreme difficulty tuning that's slowly seeping into the industry at large. And, frankly, it's a trend we hope picks up more steam going forward.

Is there a difficulty Trophy in Death Stranding?

Is There a Difficulty Trophy in Death Stranding? Okay, so the simple answer here is no, there is no trophy on the list that says that you need to beat the game on any specific difficulty mode, but there is a trophy called “Growth of a Legend” that involves playing the game on hard mode in order to work your way to unlock it.

How to develop trust in Death Stranding?

Kojima telegraphing what to expect from the different modes of Death Stranding is another way of developing trust ahead of time. If that system doesn’t feel right to you, you can avoid it and play the game in a way that gives you more satisfaction.

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