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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Death Stranding guide?

The complete guide to Kojima Productions' open-world action game. IGN's Death Stranding Guide includes a complete walkthrough with step-by-step instructions for each main mission (Sam's Orders) with maps of the best path to take, as well as side quests, boss fights, and puzzles. But it has so much more!

How do you deliver in Death Stranding?

Delivery Basics in Death Stranding Throughout the game, you’ll be given Orders for Sam (which are key story missions) and Standard Orders (which are additional but useful delivery missions) at the KNOTs city terminals. Each one requires you to deliver or recover cargo - in the best condition possible.

What are the unlockables in Death Stranding?

Unlockables Bellow are all guides for unlocking special rewards from raising your Connection Level with different facilities, Knot Cities, and Preppers in Death Stranding. Connection Level Rewards - List of Upgrades and Unlocks for Knot Cities, Facilities, and Preppers Equipment and Weapons Unlock Guide

Is Death Stranding multiplayer?

These items are the strands in Kojima’s strand game, and you can click the touchpad to give players likes for their help. Even though there’s no multiplayer, Death Stranding is cooperative game. You’ll constantly rely on the random appearance of other players’ (green-tinted) structures.

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