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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did Daniel Filho make from DFRF?

All in all DFRF Enterprises took in over $20 million dollars and paid out $1.9 million. DFRF paid approximately $1.94 million to approximately 250 likely investors for the return of investor principal or purported monthly payments. Not surprisingly, Daniel Filho received the largest portion of invested funds, upwards of $8.6 million.

Who is the president of the Central Committee of the DFRF?

The current President and Secretary General of the Central Committee of the DFRF is Pak Myong-chol. Other people on its presidium include Ri Kil-song and Kim Wan-su.

Did Trump use DFRF funds to fund a law firm?

On June 30, 2015, he used DFRF funds to wire more than $1.1 million to an entity in the Bahamas that is believed to be a law firm.

Does DFRF have a line of credit with platinum Swiss trust?

The documents we reviewed indicate that DFRF has received no proceeds from a line of credit with Platinum Swiss Trust and has had no banking transactions at all with that company.

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