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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does DCS provide?

DCS is an open source solution, providing secure Web conferencing and instant messaging services on both the NIPRNet and SIPRNet. Web conferencing capabilities include: the ability to perform desktop sharing, white boarding, text chat,

What does DCS stand for in conference?

How is Dining and Conference Services abbreviated? DCS stands for Dining and Conference Services. DCS is defined as Dining and Conference Services rarely.

What does DCS stand for in the military?

DCS: Deer Commission for Scotland: DCS: Document Communal Synthétique (French: Communal Synthetic Document) DCS: Department of Census and Statistics (Sri Lanka) DCS: Digital Collection System (FBI internet security) DCS: Distributive Control System: DCS: Digital Command System: DCS: Defensive Counterspace: DCS: Design and Construction ...

What does DCS stand for in Arizona?

dcs: department of child safety: ades: arizona department of economic security: cps: child protective services (dcsfs formerly known as) ocwi: office of child welfare investigations: ddd: division of developmental disabilities: cm: case manager: ago: attorney general’s office: aag: assistant attorney general: gal: guardian ad litem: old ...

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