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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upper part of an AR-15?

The upper contains the bolt carrier group, and is the half of the AR-15 the barrel attaches to, so making the right selection of upper parts to match your desired performance is critical. A significant advantage of the upper – unlike a lower receiver – is it's not considered a firearm by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

What is an AR-15 pistol?

However, we break it all down for you in-depth here. The short version is…an AR Pistol is an AR-15 that was built from the start to be a pistol — it also has a barrel less than 16-inches in length and does not have a stock. Generally, an AR-15 Pistol will have a stabilizing brace instead of a stock, but that isn’t required.

What is the best material for AR-15 Receivers?

High tensile strength aluminum is the preferred construction material for AR-15 receivers, and it is generally accepted that 7075-T6 is the best aluminum for the task as it carries the MIL SPEC designation for the military’s M4 Carbine uppers and lowers.

Are Geissele AR15 pistols worth it?

You skipped probably one of the best AR15 manufacturers in your review. Geissele AR15 pistols and rifles are tops. Even other manufacturers will use their terrific triggers. Expensive yes but worth it. My Super Duty Pistol 11.5” 5.56NATO in OD Green is amazing

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