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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CVS in CVS Pharmacy stand for?

"CVS" stands for "Convenience, Value and Service", but it used to stand for 'Consumer Value Stores'. 32 people found this useful.

Are CVS open 24 hours?

Yes, according to the CVS web site, there are 24-hour pharmacies available. While not every pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, there are various locations that are open at all hours of the day. In many of the 24-hour pharmacy locations, the rest of the store is open for 24 hours as well.

How many CVS stores nationwide?

CVS Health is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. In 2018, the company's total number of stores was nearly 10 thousand. In 2014, the company changed its name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health. CVS Health has steadily increased its number of stores in the last decade from 5,474 stores in 2005 to 9,967 stores in 2018.

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