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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CVC mean on a credit card?

CVC stands for Card Verification Code (credit cards) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Business, finance, etc.

What are CVC words, CCVC words and CVCC words?

CVCC (consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant) and CCVC (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant) are words that begin or ends with a blends or digraphs. Examples: black, clam, hack, lack . This CVC word list brings the easiest way for teachers and parents to choose words for the next lesson or activity.

What does CVC mean?

Medical Definition of CVC. CVC: Commonly used abbreviation for a Central Venous Catheter, a catheter (tube) that is passed through a vein to end up in the thoracic (chest) portion of the vena cava (the large vein returning blood to the heart) or in the right atrium of the heart.

What is CVV, CVV2 or CVC?

What is CVV, CVV2 or CVC? CVV is a card security feature where a unique check value is encoded on the magnetic stripe of a card. It is used to validate information during authorization. CVV2 is a card security requirement found at the end of the signature panel or in a white box outside the signature panel on the back of payment cards.

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