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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some twin cat names?

Twin Cat Names Boy and Girl. Victoria & Albert. Fred & Ethel. Barnum & Bailey. Mars & Jupiter. Cagney & Lacey. Bart & Lisa. Fred & Ginger.

What are some good male cat names?

Strong Names For Male CatsArcherAceAdonisArnoldAvalonAmigoBanditBatmanBearBruceMore items...

What should I name my Boy Cat?

Male Cat Names from Movies, TV, and LiteratureAslan: Meaning "lion" in Turkish, this name is inspired by the noble lion from the C.S. ...Bagheera: He may have been the bad guy in The Jungle Book, but this moniker is perfect for your new black cat.Binx: If you love Halloween, consider naming your cat after the boy-turned-black cat from the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.More items...

What is the cutest baby boy name?

Phoenix, Oscar, Leo, Arlo, and 170 More of the Cutest Names For Baby BoysCute Names For BoysABCDEFGHIMore items...

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