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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 100 baby girl names?

AbigailHannahGenesisGraceNaomiSarahChloeDelilahLydiaGabriellaMore items...

What are some beautiful unique girl names?

Abigail - Hebrew for "a father's joy"Alexandria - Greek and English for "defender of mankind"Amara - Greek for "eternal beauty"Amelia - German for "industrious"Amelie - Variation of Amelia, also German for "industrious"Angelina - Greek for "heavenly messenger"Arabella - German for "beautiful eagle"Aria - Hebrew for "like a beautiful melody"More items...

What are some cool names for girls?

Ada — A less common alternative to the red-hot AvaAli — A casual, modern take on classics like Alicia or AlisonBea — Used to be short for Beatrice, but it’s charming by itselfCia — Fresh and unique, Cia has earned a place on our list of cool baby girl names.Dee — Originally a unisex name, it was short for anything that started with the letter D.More items...

What are good baby names for girls?

Charlotte rose into the top five list, at number four up from number six. The top three names remained the same.Avayah is the fastest-growing girl name in popularity. It moved from position 2,477 to 930 in just one year.Other girl names with the largest positive change include: Denisse, Jianna, Capri, Rosalia, Denise, Zhuri, Haisley, and Novah.

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