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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Criticality Index?

Criticality index is mainly used in risk analysis. The Criticality Index of an activity (task) can be expressed as a ratio (between 0 and 1) but is more often expressed as a percentage. During a (e.g. Monte Carlo) simulation tasks can join or leave the critical path for any given iteration.

What is a criticality analysis?

A criticality analysis is a systematic approach to evaluating potential risks, therefore consequences that can impact the business. The criticality analysis has defined criteria that outlines the potential consequences so that they can be evaluated, categorised and prioritised.

What is another word for criticality?

Another word for critical. critical Synonyms. modif. Capable of observing and judging. analytical, discriminating, penetrating, perceptive, trenchant, discerning, judging, evaluative, interpretive; see also explanatory, judicious, observant 1.

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