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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Quizlet live?

If they’re using smartphones or mobile devices and have the Quizlet app, they can scan a QR code to join. You need at least four students (two groups of two) to play Quizlet Live. Student names appear below the code as they join the game. (And yes, you can click a student’s name to remove him/her from the game.)

How does Quizlet live work?

How Quizlet Live works. 1 Step 1: Pick a flashcard set. There are a couple ways to get started playing Quizlet Live: 2 Step 2: Load up the game. 3 Step 3: Students join the game. 4 Step 4: Assemble the groups. 5 Step 5: Play the game! More items

Can Quizlet live be used for remote classrooms?

Using Quizlet Live for remote classrooms? See how other teachers are using Quizlet Live to keep students engaged during distant learning. Students love the competition and work together to help their team win. Use it as a teaching tool, to review and to create a connection especially during remote learning.

How do I create a Quizlet class?

You can easily create classes on Quizlet and add students to them. To create a class: Check whether you want to allow students to add study sets and new members (you probably do not need to enable this feature) Select a school and click on Create a class. Once your class is created, you can start sharing study sets with your students.

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