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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrankGameplays real name?

Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling (born: October 24, 1996 [age 24]), better known online as CrankGameplays, is an American video game commentator, vlogger, and is one of Markiplier 's former video editors. He is frequently featured on Mark's channel, alongside Tyler Scheid (Apocalypto_12), being their close friend and living near each other.

How old is crank gamplays?

―CrankGameplays' intro. Ethan Mark Nestor (born: October 24, 1996 (1996-10-24) [age 22]) better known online as CrankGamplays, or just Crank, is an American video game commentator, vlogger, and was one of Markiplier's video editors in the past.

Is CrankGameplays in a relationship?

CrankGameplays is a successful YouTuber, and although he is a public figure, he has decided to keep his love life private. His real name is Ethan Nestor. He is nicknamed as the loud blue boy who plays the video game. Ethan is very private off-screen which keeps his fans curious about his relationship.

Who is electronicethan from CrankGameplays?

Ethan is the former video editor of Mark Fischbach. He got fame through Mark’s YouTube channel and later adopted his passion for creating content of video games. Ethan’s first two YouTube channel did not gain much appreciation, but his latest channel CrankGameplays gained a massive subscriber of 600,000.

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