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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kaiser accept other insurance?

The answer is no- Kaiser Permanente accepts Kaiser's own insurance only. They do not accept Blue Shield/Blue Cross. In most states, Kaiser operates as an integrated health plan. It offers its own insurance and Blue Cross/Blue Shield is their competition.

Where is Kaiser located in California?

Kaiser Center, also called the Kaiser Building, is a 28 story office building located at 300 Lakeside Drive, adjacent to Lake Merritt, in downtown Oakland, California, designed by the architectural firm of Welton Becket & Associates of Los Angeles.

Does Kaiser Permanente cover acupuncture?

Kaiser Permanente is both a health insurance carrier and a healthcare provider. This is very unique. As a healthcare provider, accupuncture is a service Kaiser performs. However, whether or not you are covered for that service depends on the plan you have with your insurance carrier.

Does Kaiser insurance cover Viagra?

KAISER PERMANENTE: Says It Will Cover Viagra When ‘Appropriate’. She added, "We don't have the authority to regulate rates, per se, but if a doctor prescribes Viagra as being medically necessary, plans have an obligation to provide it" (Griffith, 11/2). Click here for previous coverage of Kaiser's battle with the state over Viagra coverage.

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