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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest University in Australia?

Most affordable universities in AustraliaUniversity of the Sunshine CoastUniversity of Southern QueenslandCharles Sturt UniversityFederation University AustraliaSouthern Cross UniversityAustralian Catholic UniversityEdith Cowan UniversityCentral Queensland University (CQU)

What universities are in Australia? 2. The University of Queensland, Brisbane (CRICOS Code 00025B) 3. Monash University, Melbourne (CRICOS Code 00008C) 4. The University of Adelaide, Adelaide (CRICOS Code 00123M)

Does Australia have too many universities?

It may even have implications for some universities’ future. Australia does not have too many universities, overall. The median student load of Australian universities is 21,400 equivalent full-time students. This is double the median enrolment of UK universities, of 10,700, and almost triple the median of Canadian universities of 7,700 students.

How to apply to Australian universities?

Applying to Australian universities will take longer than if you are applying as an undergraduate in the UK. To apply for an Australian undergraduate programme, you must submit your application directly to the individual university rather than a centralised body such as UCAS. Once you have made a shortlist of universities in Australia you are ...

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