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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of company will buy your house?

The companies that will buy your house from you are varied, and they have different methods of purchasing properties, as well as different motivations. Here are six types of companies that could buy your house: Franchise cash buyers. iBuyers. House flippers. Buy-and-hold investors. Trade-in companies.

Are companies that buy houses legit?

The short answer is: Yes, most major companies that buy houses are legitimate businesses that make fast cash offers. In general, companies that buy houses work with pre-vetted investors or buy homes directly.

How do property companies buy and sell homes?

These companies provide the cash to purchase a new home, based on the value of the current house, then sell the existing property on the market, with a percentage of the sale of the home ultimately going to the company.

What are home-buying companies and how do they work?

As the name implies, these companies buy homes directly from homeowners. The main benefit for sellers is that home-buying companies, by way of paying for a house from their cash reserves, can offer a much faster, simpler process than a traditional mortgage-backed sale.

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