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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook timeline cover image?

Facebook Timeline Cover Image have the most significance, large cover photo at the top of profile timeline is first public picture that everyone sees while browsing your profile page, so it is better to select the cool cover photos that grabs attention of visitors and make you an individual person from every other Facebook profile.

Is the Facebook timeline cover a good example of creativity?

Faced with new spaces, new forms of expression. Creativity is endless and every opportunity is good to express something with it. An interesting example has emerged recently in the new Facebook timeline cover, since its release a few months ago. Playing with the elements and combinations the structure provides, we can bring new perspectives.

What are some examples of funny Facebook cover photos?

Great example of the facebook cover picture 25. Nuclear explosion cover photo. 26. Security footage cover picture 27. God taking back his hamburger from a dog. LOL 28. How i see when wearing a bucket on my head 30. Don’t worry, you’re fine. My favorite of the funny facebook cover photos list

How to make a funny impression on Facebook with friends?

Use our latest trend cover photos for your Facebook Timeline to amaze and make a funny impression on Facebook with friends. Hope you have enjoyed our amazing funny fb covers. share them with friends if you like.

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