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Frequently Asked Questions

How to troubleshoot SCCM client-side patching issue?

Let’s seen the more granular way of troubleshooting SCCM Client-Side Patching Issue Troubleshooting Options. The SCCM client side log files are located at C:\Windows\CCM\Logs on Windows 11 or Windows 10 PCs. 1. Locationservices.log – Check whether it’s able to find WSUS Path= and Distribution Point with patches 2.

Why is my configuration manager service connection point not working?

Make sure the Configuration Manager service connection point is operational and has a connection to the cloud. Make sure the hierarchy is still tenant-attached and connected. For more information, see the CMGatewayNotificationWorker.log file. If the service connection point or site server were recently rebooted, this error occurs temporarily.

Why is my SCCM MP not working?

1) There is no DNS issue in the client and that client is able to resolve the SCCM server NetBIOS as well as FQDN without any issues. 2) Make sure that the MP link is accessible from the client http://<SCCM_SERVER/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?mplist http://<SCCM_SERVER/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?mpcert If the above test fails make sure that MP is working fine.

Why is my administrator account not working in Configuration Manager?

Verify that the user has proper permissions in Configuration Manager Typically, this error is caused by an issue with the admin account. Below are the most common issues with the administrative user account: Use the same account to sign in to the admin center. The on-premises identity must be synchronized with and match the cloud identity.

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