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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Mexican surnames?

List Of Popular Mexican Surnames Or Last Names 1. Aguilar. This surname was first found in Castile, an important Christian kingdom of medieval Spain. It refers to the person who lived in a region called Aguilar. The name comes from the Latin word ‘Aquilare’ meaning ‘eagles’ lair.’ 2. Aguirre

Are there any last names that start with C?

If you are looking for the right last name for your little one, then check out this list of surnames starting with ‘C’. Here is a list of unique surnames beginning with ‘C’. 1. Caballero ‘Caballero’ has a Spanish origin and the meaning of the name is ‘soldier’, ‘knight’, or ‘horseman’.

What are the most common surnames in Cuba?

List of the most common surnames in Cuba: 1 Rodríguez – 301, 136 2 Pérez – 300,189 3 González – 262,311 4 Hernández – 215,593 5 García – 208,666 6 Martinez – 148,674 7 Fredrick – 136,364 8 Fernández – 134,470 9 López – 127,525 10 Álvarez – 101,010

What are some of the most common Mexican nicknames?

The list below are the most common in Mexico. Romero – 540,922 – Can be either Spanish or Italian, and have multiple meanings. Herrera – 451,226 – From the Latin word ferrāria, meaning either "Iron Mine" or "Iron Works". Vargas – 427,854 – Can be both Spanish and Portuguese.

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