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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good French last name?

French Last Names From French WordsBeaulieu. – This French last name takes beau or bel (lovely) + lieu (place), meaning someone who lived in or near a lovely place.Beaumont. Another variation of this name is Belmont.Blanc. – This is a French word meaning “white.”Boivin. ...Bonfils. ...Bonheur. ...Bonhomme. ...DeschampsDescoteaux. ...Desjardins. ...More items...

What are the most common French middle names?

The Most Common Middle NamesJames. The most popular middle name for boys is James, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Jacob. ...Louise. The most popular middle name for girls is Louise, the French feminine form of the male name Louis. ...John. ...Rose. ...William. ...Grace. ...Thomas. ...Jane. ...David. ...Elizabeth. ...More items...

What are some male French names?

Take note of these French first names:Laurence is a female name in French. (I thought this was a guy’s name, like Lawrence. Nope!)Yves is a French male name (pronounced like Eve in English, totally thought this was a girl.)Loïs is a French male name (pronounced low-ees)

What are common French surnames?

Common names that reflect that include Fabron, which means blacksmith, and Pelletier, which translates to fur trader. Other surnames focus on where the family is from or their status and may include the prefix, “de,” “des,” “du,” and “le.”. For example, De la Cour means “of the court,” and Delisle means, “of the island.”.

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