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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Comcast Xfinity?

To sign in to Comcast email, visit the site and click the blue “Sign In” button on the left. Enter your sign in information, click the “Sign In” button again, and click the “Email” button on the top menu bar. Most Comcast plans come with a free email account.

How do I log into my Xfinity WiFi?

Log into your Comcast account page at Click on Users & Preferences. Look for a heading on the page for “Service Address.” Below your address, click the link that reads “Manage Xfinity WiFi.”. Click the button for “Disable Xfinity Wifi Home Hotspot.”. Click Save.

How do you connect to Comcast?

Plug the coaxial cable from the wall outlet into the back of the Comcast cable box. Screw the coaxial cable's connector in a clockwise direction. The tiny pin will line up with the small hole in the middle of the cable box jack. Line up the HDMI cable plug with the correct connection in the back of your cable box.

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