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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log in to a Comcast Business Router?

Navigate to http://10.11 to login to your account. Enter cusadmin in the username field. To create a password, simply enter highspeed or CantTouchThis. Then click the Login button to begin logging in. The steps in this guide will assist you in configuring the settings of your Comcast business router.

How do I reset my Comcast Business router to default settings?

If you are not using any Comcast Static IPs, then another option is for you to depress the little black button on the back of the Comcast Gateway (CG) for 15 seconds minimum and this should reset all options to factory defaults including your login username and password.

What is the default password for Comcast Business Router?

The default Comcast Xfinity router login is ‘admin‘ for username and ‘password‘ for the password. Reminder: Make sure to change this default Comcast Xfinity Router Login credentials before anyone else changes it for you. It’s the only key to reveal all your information online which includes your bank details and your identification.

How do I access the Comcast Business Router settings?

How do i access my comcast router settings? Enter your router's IP address in a web browser, then enter the user name and password to access the admin console. Some routers have a mobile app you can download to access your network settings.

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