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Frequently Asked Questions

How many clicks can you make in 5 seconds?

On average, most players easily get 8-10 clicks per second. How many clicks can you do in 5 seconds? The world record for highest clicks in 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS. How do I click faster? Here are few tips for clicking fast during playing game. Keep your hands relaxed. Don't strain your muscles. Use your claws.

How many clicks in 30 seconds?

1.How many clicks can you do in 30 seconds? You can easily make 830 clicks in 30 seconds. Click Speed Test Click Per Second Click Per 5 Seconds Click Per 10 Seconds Click Per 30 Seconds Click Per 60 Seconds Click Per 100 Seconds

How many clicks per second?

For beginners, 2 to 3 clicks per second are good speeds for practicing. For an average player, 4 to 5 clicks are good enough, but if you want to become the expert or master of the fastest clicker, you have to click 5 to 10 clicks per second. Click per the second test defined some names for the players according to their level.

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