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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chromium the same as chrome?

Chrome is a web browser that was developed and released by Google. Chromium is a niche open-source browser with fewer users, also developed by Google. Chrome uses the same source code as Chromium, but with fewer extra features and add-ons.

What is chromium used for?

With the development of metallurgy and chemical industries in the Western world, the need for chromium increased. Chromium is also famous for its reflective, metallic luster when polished. It is used as a protective and decorative coating on car parts, plumbing fixtures, furniture parts and many other items, usually applied by electroplating.

Is chromium bad for PC?

The Chromium virus is a malicious program that is based on the open-source browser project known as Chromium. The Chromium virus can get installed inside your PC without asking for your approval and secretly take the place of your regular Chrome browser. The chromium virus in the task manager.

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