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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Chinese names for boys?

Traditional Chinese names for boys provide a wealth of choice for nature-lovers, from “Hu” (tiger) to “Shanyuan” (mountain source). And you’ll also find plenty of names to encourage your little boy in his future adventures, including “Jianyu” (building the universe) and “Zixin” (self-confidence).

What is a unique Chinese name?

Longwei: Meaning “dragon greatness”. Qiao Hui: Meaning “smart and wise”. Syaoran: Meaning “little wolf”. Yingyue: Meaning “reflection of the moon”. Zhi Peng: Meaning “legendary bird of wisdom”. What is a unique Chinese name? After something a little more unusual? How about these rare and unique Chinese names: Bowen: Meaning “abundant”.

What are the most popular family names in China?

The three most popular family names are Li (李 Lǐ), Wang (王 Wáng) and Zhang (张 Zhāng), and these three are used by about 22% (or 300 million) of the Chinese population. These are easily the three most popular names in the world. Li: 7.9% Wang: 7.4%

How to choose a Chinese name?

One of the best ways to choose a Chinese name is to ask your Chinese friends’ advice. They will be more familiar with the Chinese characters’ meanings and suitability. Your Wellbeing is Our Priority. Your Trip is Perfectly Planned. Your Booking is Risk-Free.

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