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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Chinese baby girl name mean?

Each name has a truly gorgeous meaning reflecting a plant, flower, celestial body or any other natural wonder. Traditionally, Chinese baby girl names are a combination of two names. While the first is a name that relates to beauty, grace, happiness or something else, the latter part relates to the family root with appealing sound and meaning.

What are the most popular Chinese girl names?

Considered one of the most popular Chinese girl names as a more exotic take on May/Mae. Mei means “beautiful flower.” Actress Ming Na is the most famous modern wearer of this name, which means “enlightened.” This sweet name means “kind” or “warm-hearted,” a wonderful sentiment.

What is a good Ocean name for a girl?

This Sudanese word means “ocean.” It makes a great choice as a girl name. 15. Jennifer You must have heard this name! This popular name is the Cornish variation of Guinevere and means “a white wave.” 16. Kai Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning “pure ocean.” 17. Kaimana This Hawaiian name has a powerful meaning.

What is a good baby name for a sea creature?

Umiko (Japanese origin) meaning 'child of the sea'. 39. Yara ( Brazilian origin) means 'water lady'. Discover ocean baby names for girls that are all about sea creatures. 40. Angel (Old English and French origins) is usually associated with spiritual beings.

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