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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CenterPoint securities?

CenterPoint Securities is a leading broker for active traders who demand access to the most extensive short inventory. NEW!

How does Centerpoint secure locates for hard-to-borrow stocks?

CenterPoint has an adept in-house securities lending team that specializes in securing locates for hard-to-borrow stocks. You can search for and short locates directly in the trading platform to view live inventory, pricing, and availability. If you choose to accept a locate, it can be secured directly in the platform as well.

What are the features of CenterPoint pro?

CenterPoint Pro comes packed with all of the features you would expect from an advanced trading platform. The platform features include: With level 2 order entry, you can see the bid and ask market data, color-coded by price. It also shows the different market makers and time stamps.

Is CenterPoint a good platform for beginners?

Because CenterPoint offers a platform specifically for advanced traders, beginner traders might struggle initially to find their way around it. Since the DAS platform is packed with tools, even advanced traders won’t know everything about them. You’ll find this video tutorial helpful to start.

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