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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CenterPoint securities?

CenterPoint is a stock and options broker designed for sophisticated momentum traders who need access to advanced support, tools, and services. While most online brokers cater primarily to investors, CenterPoint Securities is built specifically for active traders.

How does Centerpoint secure locates for hard-to-borrow stocks?

CenterPoint has an adept in-house securities lending team that specializes in securing locates for hard-to-borrow stocks. You can search for and short locates directly in the trading platform to view live inventory, pricing, and availability. If you choose to accept a locate, it can be secured directly in the platform as well.

What information can I find in the client portal?

The client portal can be accessed for important account information, including: Your dashboard provides a summary of your account activity and balances. Note: Most of this data can also be accessed through your trading platform.

What is order routing in Centerpoint?

CenterPoint allows you access to more than 30 routing options. You can choose between smart routes, market makers, dark pool access and electronic communication networks (ECNs). Besides fast executions, order routing also enables hidden orders — invisible on limit books.

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