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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Celtic name for a girl?

Elida (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘small winged one,’ is a fun Celtic name for a girl. Elvinia (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘queen of the elves,’ is a meaningful name for a girl. Firtha (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘maiden of the sea,’ is a meaningful Celtic name for a girl.

What is a good baby name for a sea creature?

Umiko (Japanese origin) meaning 'child of the sea'. 39. Yara ( Brazilian origin) means 'water lady'. Discover ocean baby names for girls that are all about sea creatures. 40. Angel (Old English and French origins) is usually associated with spiritual beings.

What is a good Ocean name for a girl?

This Sudanese word means “ocean.” It makes a great choice as a girl name. 15. Jennifer You must have heard this name! This popular name is the Cornish variation of Guinevere and means “a white wave.” 16. Kai Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning “pure ocean.” 17. Kaimana This Hawaiian name has a powerful meaning.

What is a Celtic name?

Many Celtic names are also used for both boys and girls, such as Sean and Quinn. The Celts were European tribes who occupied much of Europe north of the Alps in the Iron Age and settled in the British Isles in the fourth to second centuries B.C.

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