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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word capacity mean?

The power to learn or retain knowledge; mental ability. Filling a space with the most it can hold. A capacity crowd at the concert. Mental ability; the power to learn. (electricity) Capacitance. The ability to contain, absorb, or receive and hold. The maximum amount that can be contained. A bin filled to capacity.

What are the different types of capacity?

dimensions of capacity building must be considered: Types of capacity. In the field of education, change usually involves developing four types of capacity: human, organizational, structural, and material.15 Human capacity includes both the intellectual capacity (e.g., knowledge, skills) and the will (e.g., interest, patience, and

What is the "capacity" mean?

Capacity is the maximum output level a company can sustain to provide its products or services. Depending on the business type, capacity can refer to a production process, human resources allocation, technical thresholds, or several other related concepts. Some larger or highly technical companies may hire specialized managers to manage capacity.

What is capacity definition?

What is capacity? Capacity means the ability to use and understand information to make a decision, and communicate any decision made. A person lacks capacity if their mind is impaired or disturbed in some way, which means they're unable to make a decision at that time.

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