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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the candidates in the Illinois gubernatorial race?

Two candidates will be competing with J.B. Pritzker to become Illinois Governor in 2022 elections. Scott Schluter, a downstate diesel mechanic and an Air Force member, and Republican State Sen. Darren Bailey are competing with Pritzker, who was first elected in 2018.

Who is leading in the Illinois governor race?

Pritzker is the incumbent in the Illinois gubernatorial race. He was sworn as Illinois’ 43rd governor back in 2019, according to the Office of the Governor. Prior to taking office, he founded a nonprofit small business incubator 1871, named one of the top 10 technology startup hubs in the world.

Who won the Illinois gubernatorial election?

Pritzker was elected governor in 2018, defeating Bruce Rauner in the general election. Prior to ascending to office, Pritzker started several venture capital and investment startups, and his family owns the Hyatt hotel chain. Born and raised in Chicago, Stratton graduated from the University of Illinois and got her law degree from DePaul.

Who is running for governor in Illinois?

Paul Schimpf is one of six Republicans running for Illinois governor. Paul Schimpf is a lawyer, retired lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Marine Corps and former state senator for Illinois’ 58th District (2017-2021), according to the Illinois General Assembly.

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