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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSU email address?

Every student is supplied with an email address that is used by faculty and administrative offices for sending CSU-specific e-mail. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this email is received. Click here for more information on CSU email accounts.

How many campuses does the CSU system have?

The CSU System has three campuses, each with distinct roles and missions. The CSU campuses serve the state, region, country, and world, educating nearly 60,000 students annually, and contributing to the world through research, thought-leadership, and the economic and civic impacts of highly skilled graduates.

What services does the CSU Extension Office provide?

In addition, the CSU Extension offices, providing services to all 64 counties in the state, offer community-oriented education, research, and 4-H programs.

How do I report an emergency at CSU?

To report all campus emergencies dial 911 or 8911 from any campus telephone. Cell phone users should also dial 911 and tell the operator to connect you with CSU Police. For the CSU main operator, dial x2000 from on campus or 216.687.2000 from off campus.

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