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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dashboard camera?

the BlackVue DR900S is one of the best dash cams by most any metric, but along with its support for ultra high definition (4K) resolution and a super wide 162-degree viewing angle, it offers a combination of onboard storage and cloud backup. Better yet, the service is entirely free.

How to install a dashboard camera?

How to Install Dash Cam: A Beginner’s GuidePlacing The Camera. One of the best positions to install the camera is right behind the mirror, which will not obstruct your view as the place is already occupied.Last Steps – Grounding. The other part of the installation wiring kit needs to be grounded to the vehicle, which needs to be localized by you – usually next to ...Wrapping Up. ...

Is having a dashboard camera legal?

No. In fact, there are no federal laws outlawing such devices. However, many states do have restrictions in place that could impact things like how and where you install your dash cam. Some states have stipulations surrounding ones that record audio too. So, while dash cams may be federally legal, it’s not actually that simple.

Who makes the best dash camera?

Best Cloud Connected Dash Cam: BlackVue DR900S-2CHBest Wide Angle Dash Cam: Garmin 66WBest Hidden Dash Cam: Thinkware Q800 ProDash Cam With Magnetic Mount: Kenwood A601WBest Rear View Mirror Camera: Wolfbox 12" Mirror Dash CamBest Front And Rear Dash Cam: Nextbase 622GW 4KBest Budget Dash Cam: Apeman C450

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