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Frequently Asked Questions

What is calling station ID?

Calling Station ID: For IEEE 802.1X Authenticators, this attribute is used to store the Supplicant MAC address in ASCII format (upper case only), with octet values separated by a "-". Example: "00-10-A4-23-19-C0". We will see how this works in Cisco Local & H-REAP mode deployment. Here is the basic topology where I have two APs, WLC & ACS.

What is the regex to use for a called station ID?

Called-Station-ID ends with the SSID name, so the REGEX to use in this example is .* (:)$. Keep this in mind as you go through the configuration.

Does called station ID affect context visibility?

I wouldn't think called station ID shouldn't affect how ISE displays the information for the MAC address in Context Visibility. The only modification I make to the called station ID is for authentication and I have my customers change it to AP Name:SSID. Then I can use Called Station ID in two ways:

How do you pass the calling-station-ID?

Calling-Station-Id values separated by a "-". Example: "00-10-A4-23-19-C0". ... with the authenticators that we've dealt with, some pass the Calling-Station-Id in adherence to this, others in lowercase with no separator, others in lowercase separated with :'s. Bleh!

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