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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I join Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

When you join the award-winning Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program, you have a wide range of options to quickly earn airline miles that will get you closer to your next dream getaway. Earning miles is just the beginning when you fly with us, our one world ® Alliance and Global Partners.

Do Alaska Airlines miles really expire?

Mileage Plan Miles do not expire. However, Mileage Plan accounts that are inactive for two years or more are deactivated and must be reactivated in order to access Mileage Plan Miles in such accounts. Activity in an account includes redeeming a Mileage Plan award or accruing mileage in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program.

Who are Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan partners?

Here’s a quick summary. As Alaska is a member of the Oneworld alliance, you can earn Mileage Plan miles on any Oneworld member airline—including American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines and Qatar Airways. As Alaska only just joined Oneworld in 2021, it also maintains an eclectic mix of non-alliance partners, including:

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