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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the California Department of Justice delay a firearm transaction?

The California Department of Justice (the Department) is authorized by Penal Code section 28220 to temporarily delay a firearm transaction for up to 30 days from the date of transaction when the Department is unable to immediately determine the purchaser's eligibility to own/possess firearms.

What is the Bureau of firearms?

Bureau of Firearms staff will be leaders in providing firearms expertise and information to law enforcement, legislators, and the general public in a comprehensive program to promote legitimate and responsible firearms possession and use by California residents.

How do I enroll in a California firearms license?

To enroll by mail, fax, or by email complete the California Firearms Licensee Check Enrollment Application, pdf and return to: 1 Department of Justice 2 Bureau of Firearms – CFLC 3 P.O. Box 160487 4 Sacramento, CA 95816-0487 5 Fax: (916) 227-1032 6 Email: [email protected] More ...

How do I report firearm ownership in California?

A personal firearm importer is required to report ownership of their firearms by submitting a New Resident Firearm Ownership Report within sixty (60) days of bringing the firearms into California. You have either a California identification, driver license or military identification The firearm being reported was acquired outside of California

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