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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my battery is draining?

That's an old trick, but it works to track down electrical issues. If you want to check for battery drains, disconnect the positive (or negative) side of the battery and connect a 12V lightbulb between the battery and the battery cable. The light will indicate any draw from the system.

How do you fix a drained car battery?

Disconnect the battery cables, ground (black) cable first. Drive the car that has the drained battery, being careful not to stop while idling at a light -- particularly with the headlights or A/C on -- which can kill the battery, and the car, leaving you dead in the road.

Why does the sliding panel light dimmer switch drain the battery?

The sliding panel light dimmer switch can cause the battery to drain if it is in a position near the detent that turns on the interior lights, but not quite enough to turn on the interior lights.

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