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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cures registration requirements?

CURES Registration Requirements. California law (Health and Safety Code Section 11165.1) requires all California licensed prescribers authorized to prescribe scheduled drugs to register for access to CURES 2.0 by July 1, 2016 or upon issuance of a Drug Enforcement Administration Controlled Substance Registration Certificate, whichever occurs later.

Who can submit queries to the cures database?

An approved health care practitioner or pharmacist may submit queries to the CURES database through a health information technology system if the entity that operates the health information technology system can certify meeting the requirements specified in HSC section 11165.1 (a) (1) (E).

What happens if I violate the terms and conditions of cures?

Any violation of the terms and conditions of CURES, or any applicable state or federal law or regulation, is prohibited by law and may result in criminal, civil, or administrative action. You can login below, or sign up for a new account to access the State of California's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (CURES).

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